All excerpts are in mp3 format.

Peter Ablinger: 112-127 (From: "33-127")
electric guitar and CD
(Mode Records – In Preparation)
(1'16", 1.5Mb) [Download]

Luciano Berio: Sequenza XI (Segment)
guitar solo
(Mode Records 161/3)
(1'36", 1.8Mb) [Download]

Richard Barrett: transmission (Parts I, III, IV, VI)
electric guitar and live-electronics
(Radio Bremen Recording 2000)
(1'34", 1.8Mb) [Download]

Klarence Barlow: "...until...” (Segment)
steel-stringed guitar and drone
(Los Angeles River Records LAL2-12)
(1'34", 1.8Mb) [Download]

Sidney Corbett: que hora es in paradiso?
banjo and bass clarinet (John Corbett)
(Cybele Records 260.901)
(1'36", 1.8Mb) [Download]